TESTING Our doctors and sonographers are among the most highly trained and experienced in their field.

OUR TEAM We have been setting the standard for maternal fetal medicine in the Las Vegas area since 1996.

24/7 We are available day or night for developing problems we've diagnosed.

MOMS' STORIES Learn about the miracles we bring to life.

Unparalleled Expertise in Diagnosing and Treating High Risk Pregnancies in Las Vegas, Nevada

Pregnancy is a time for joy. But when you’re facing the risk of complications, anxiety, fear and uncertainty can take over.

At the High Risk Pregnancy Center in Las Vegas (formerly known as the Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine), it is our passion to keep your excitement and hope alive and give you the best opportunity for a healthy pregnancy.

At each of our three locations, you will have board-certified maternal-fetal medicine sub-specialists to guide you through your pregnancy with empathy and warmth. Not just one doctor, but a team that works together, combining their unparalleled knowledge, experience and management skills to ensure you get unparalleled care by the right specialists at the right time.

We are your high-risk pregnancy health care team and our goals are identical: to keep you healthy and relaxed through your pregnancy so you can deliver a full-term, healthy baby.