Advanced Fetal Ultrasound Performed by Experts

treatYou don’t have to be at high risk for pregnancy complications to schedule an advanced ultrasound screening at the High Risk Pregnancy Center (HRPC). Many of our patients have no risk factors, but they want to know they’ve had the best testing available to rule out problems. While it is critical that we provide the highest level of treatment for complications when needed, we love giving you that extra reassurance that everything appears perfectly normal with your pregnancy.

Specialized training gives you peace of mind

Why is an advanced ultrasound at HRPC preferable to those performed at many ob/gyn practices or local hospitals? Research has shown that women who have had advanced ultrasound testing performed by MFM specialists (also known as perinatologists) have a 3-fold increase in detection of abnormalities in comparison to community-based radiology or ob/gyn offices. This gives you several times the reassurance that everything appears to be progressing smoothly

In addition, another study done right here in Las Vegas over a 3-year period, showed that there was a 100% rate of detection of heart defects requiring surgery, when the ultrasound was performed by a perinatologist. In contrast, 2/3 of heart defects were not detected in ultrasounds performed in ob/gyn or radiology offices. By diagnosing problems early, we can work with your primary doctor or obstetrician to give you the very best chance at a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

In most instances we do provide a normal diagnosis, allowing you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy, with the peace of mind that you and your baby are in good health.

If you would like to schedule an ultrasound screening with us, or if you have other questions, call 702-382-3200. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.